A Little Surprise

October 8, 2007 at 6:01 pm 2 comments

When he got home, I greeted him with my usual welcoming kiss, but instead of breaking away after a tender lip-lock, he pressed his hand into the small of my back and held me closer, his inquisitive tongue encouraging a more playful and involved mingling of mouths.

“I’ve been thinking naughty thoughts about you all day,” he said, his mouth moving down to my neck, his hand sliding down to squeeze my ass. I grinned, loving his hunger for me.

“What kind of naughty thoughts?” I asked in a growly sort of voice.

“Thoughts about you being naughty,” he replied, slipping the straps of my dress and bra off of one shoulder and kissing me there.

“Me?” I said with mock innocence. I flicked my tongue out to trace around the curve of his ear.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” he grinned, his hand exploring my rump. “You don’t fool me. I know you’re naughty because you’re not wearing any panties under this short little dress.” His hand moved down my thigh below the hem of my dress, then slid up underneath to cup my bare sex.

I purred as his finger slipped between the plump lips, where moisture was already beginning to gather. His breath quickened as he felt my wetness and I rocked my pelvis gently against his hand.

“You caught me,” I admitted languidly, kissing his neck.

“Such a bad girl,” he murmured, sliding his hand from between my legs and squeezing my ass again. “I think you need a spanking.” He patted my cheek playfully, then grasped firmly, and I felt my pussy tingle with arousal.

“Into the bedroom,” he said curtly, releasing me and stepping back. “And take off those clothes.”

Our eyes met briefly, sparkling with excitement and mischief, then I lowered my head and slipped the other strap of my dress off my shoulder, letting it fall to the floor. Wearing only my bra, I turned and walked toward the bedroom, rolling my ass enticingly for him as he followed behind.

We undressed, and I thrilled at how his hard cock stood straight out, thick and powerful. He approached me and ran his hands over my body, kissing me passionately, squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples so I gasped.

I reached for his cock, wrapping my fingers around his fat shaft, making him groan. I wanted to drop to my knees and take him into my mouth, but he pulled away, grabbing my wrist.

He sat at the edge of the bed and laid me across his knees. I could feel his cock pushing up hard against my belly. He wrapped one big hand around both of my wrists, holding me firmly while his other hand rummaged for a minute with something I couldn’t see. I wondered what he was doing, but when I turned my head to try to look he said: “No peeking!” in a playfully stern voice.

I obeyed, squirming a little in anticipation.

His hand came down on my ass suddenly, a ringing slap that didn’t hurt so much as shock all my nerves awake. “Hold still,” he commanded.

I did the best I could, but I was thrumming with excitement. I could feel the wetness between my legs, my pussy slick and throbbing, pressed tightly between my thighs.

His hand came down again and I stiffened, but it was only a gentle caress this time – his open palm sliding over my smooth skin, feeling the plump curves and valleys. His hand continued its exploration, moving up my back, then lifted from my skin to land another, harder slap on my right buttock.

I gasped and squirmed as he caressed me again, firmly squeezing my ringing flesh. “I said hold still,” he said. Another smack came down in the same place, followed quickly by another one on the other cheek, and another. I cried out, struggling to hold still as he’d told me to, my muscles tensing.

They were perfect spankings – not so hard that they were really painful, but hard enough to sting a bit, sending rousing shocks through my body. His gentle hand soothed the blushing flesh, my skin beginning to feel hot where he’d struck me. His fingers dipped into the valley between my buttocks, sliding down to find my steaming pussy. I purred, his touch there making me hungry for more. His fingers just grazed the plump lips, but I knew he could feel the moisture seeping out.

“You are a bad, bad girl,” he said, his voice low with lust, “…so wet all the time, so ready and eager…” His hand moved away from my pussy to caress my ass again and I let out a small sigh of frustration. He ran his fingertips down the backs of my thighs, slowly, barely touching my skin, making me shiver, then gave me another playful spank and leaned down to my neck.

“I love it,” he breathed into my ear, “I love how hard you make my cock. Can you feel how hard I am for you?”

I moaned in response, feeling him throb beneath me, wishing I could touch him, but I was helpless to do anything but accept his manipulations.

“You make me want to do all sorts of nasty things to you.” He bit gently into the nape of my neck, sucking, biting harder.

I moaned again, writhing, feeling my nipples hardening. He slid his hand up to cup my breast, finding my stiff nipple and pinching deliciously. My hips ground against him, my pelvis rocking as his mouth worked at my neck, his palm squeezing my breast, his fingers rolling my nipple. I gasped, goosebumps breaking out over my skin. He was driving me crazy.

“Sooooo naughty,” he whispered, sliding his hand back down my body to my ass. I lifted my hips, tipping my pussy up, needing to feel his touch there, but he only brushed his palm over the backs of my thighs, his fingers delicately exploring that tender spot where my thighs meet my ass. I moaned again in arousal and frustration, straining against the hand that bound my wrists, but he just closed his grip tighter, then spanked me again with shocking smacks that rang out through the room, making me gasp and cry out.

Then his finger pressed into the hot softness of my pussy, prying between the swollen lips, sinking deep into my tight, wet heat. I pressed back against his head, letting out a groaning sigh, lost in the intense sensations of this long-anticipated initial penetration.

I was so slick that there was little friction, just the grateful clenching of my muscles and the tight press of my lips squashed between my closed thighs. I heard his breathing quicken as he felt the yielding grip of my body and he plunged his finger into me again and again as I bucked against him, crying out in pleasure. He slipped a second finger inside me, stretching me, and rocked his hand between my legs, spreading my thighs a little so he could delve even deeper.

“You are so fuckin’ wet, baby,” he breathed, watching as his fingers emerged, shining with the moisture of my arousal. I could only moan in response as he continued to fuck me with his hand.

He pulled out and his slick fingertips found my clit, jolting me. It was swollen and sensitized, sending sparks through my body with each touch. He rubbed it expertly a few times, then sank his fingers back inside me, making me groan and pant.

I wriggled against him, but he held me firmly in place, trapped between the tight grip on my wrists and the exquisite thrusting and rubbing of his fingers. A climax was building – my urgent cries and ragged breathing signaled its approach and he leaned back down to my ear, his lips brushing me, his breath hot on my cheek.

“Come for me, baby,” he whispered, and I did – my orgasm breaking over me, making me shudder and gasp and buck, the pleasure washing over me in hard, joyful spasms. I could feel myself clenching around his fingers, heard him sigh at the intimate sensation.

As the tremors faded, he withdrew his fingers, which were now even wetter from my orgasmic juices, and slid them up my crack, smearing the slippery wetness along that hot valley to tease my anus.

I moaned, breathless, as he pressed his fingertip against that resistant orifice, rubbing, circling. He dipped down into my pussy for more moisture and slid back up to tease my ass again, just rubbing, pressing, lubricating.

His fingers slipped back down once more, delving deeply into my pussy, pressing up against the wall between those two passageways, rubbing there for a moment.

That deep pressure made me groan with desire, creating a wonton, desperate hunger for him to fill that other, forbidden place inside me.

He drew his finger from my pussy and ran it back up my crack, slowly, agonizingly trailing a line of wetness up to my asshole and anointing it tenderly, carefully. My hips stilled, all of my attention focused on that point of infuriatingly gentle pressure.

Then he pressed inward, opening me, slowly driving in and drawing back out, then in again, deeper. I gasped, panting, riveted on that intimate invasion, that unique sensation of his slick finger sliding up into my tight ass. I groaned as he passed through the taut ring, a frission of illicit pleasure running through my entire body. He slipped back out for a moment, then slowly pushed back into me, deeper still, forging his way gently but insistently into my body.

“Do you like that, baby?” he whispered into my ear as his finger continued its slow, firm thrusting.

‘Oooooh, yeah…” I moaned, “It’s so intense…”

It was the ultimate surrender, the most intimate gift of trust, submitting to this taboo, delicate act.

I felt him shift his hand and on his next inward thrust, he sank another of his fingers into my pussy as well. I moaned again, loving the feeling of him filling me, holding me, taking me so thoroughly.

A fleeting, almost delicious feeling of shame flickered through me, to be so vulnerable, so violated, but I couldn’t deny that this was ecstasy, that I craved this submission and the gratification it gave me, and the pleasure he took in my hunger for it. Because this wasn’t really a violation, but a celebration; of desire, of trust, of intimacy.

“Such a dirty girl,” he whispered gently, and I could hear both the lust and love in his voice, his hot arousal deepened with appreciation for my eagerness, my willingness, my passionate response.

He rolled his hand, wriggling his fingers inside me, opening me up more, delving in and out. I began to move against him more urgently, ready now for more enthusiastic movement, relaxing and adjusting to his careful ministrations. He began to thrust into me faster, deeper, and I pressed back against him, urging him on. I could feel his cock throbbing against my belly, felt him turn to watch his hand as he pushed in and out of my yielding body more vigorously.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, lust washing over me, the exquisite feeling of surrendering to this overwhelming sensation filling me with an animalistic frenzy. His fingers felt incredible, the intensity building with each powerful thrust, and I felt another climax approaching. “Yeah, baby…” I panted, “…don’t stop…”

He moaned at my pleading tone, loving my wonton desire, continuing to drive his fingers deep into my ass and pussy until another wave of bliss overtook me, making me cry out in release.

“Mmmmm, I love making you come,” he breathed as he slowed his thrusts and withdrew his hand from between my thighs. His palm caressed my ass again, slowly, tenderly, as my body relaxed from my orgasmic spasms.

“I have a little surprise for you,” he said, and the note of anticipation in his voice sent a tiny thrill through me. I felt him doing something behind me. “Just let me know if you don’t like it,” he said. “I only want to give you pleasure.”

I smiled. “I will,” I assured him, but I had no fear of being uncomfortable or disappointed. I trusted him. It was curiosity and anticipation that filled me, not trepidation or fear. I loved that he delighted in coming up with new ways for us to enjoy each other.

I felt his fingers between my buttocks again, smearing a thick sheen of slickness, the slightly sticky coolness of lube, and wondered what he had in store. He eased his fingers back into my slippery holes a few more times, leisurely, and I relaxed across his lap, willing myself to ride whatever roller coaster ride he was about to take me on.

He pulled his fingers out and a moment later pressed something against my ass. It was cool and smooth, just a little bigger than his finger. I sighed to signal my interest and curiosity and he leaned over to gently kiss and lick at my neck as he slowly worked the toy into me. I was so lubed and relaxed that there was little resistance, and I groaned as I felt the smooth hardness entering me. It was a different sensation from the fleshy firmness of cock or finger. This was unyielding, rigid and frictionless, a tapered shaft that slowly stretched me open as it pushed deeper.

He eased it in a few inches and I felt a wider flange at the base press up against my cheeks. I wriggled a bit as he firmly set the toy in place, then he teasingly ran his fingers down over the lips of my pussy.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he asked. I murmured an affirmative, enjoying the sensation of the rigid toy – a butt plug? – firmly trapped in my ass. The thought of the term “butt plug” made me giggle a little inside, but I couldn’t deny that it felt good.

Then he slipped a finger into my pussy and it felt even better. I rocked back to meet him, and the full feeling of the plug shifting subtly as I moved was interesting, and his finger sliding in and out of my pussy was delightful.

Then he withdrew his finger and a moment later the toy was humming, vibrating in my ass, sending a thrill of electric sensation through my body. I gasped in the intense feeling, frozen for a moment by the sudden buzzing pleasure. Then I let out a soft moan of excitement as the vibrations spread through my flesh, sensitizing my throbbing pussy. I arched my back, pressing back against the stroking fingertips that teased my swollen lips.

“Mmmmm…” he murmured, enjoying my reaction. He slipped his wet fingertips down my furrow, finding my aching clit and I bucked, gasping, trembling as the vibrations in my filled ass and his touch on my pussy combined to jolt all of my senses with pleasure. He rubbed my clit expertly, then entered my sopping pussy with two fingers.

“Oh yesss…” I hissed, moaning as he thrust into me again, harder, deeper. “Oh, baby…” I rocked on his lap, mad with arousal and carnal hunger.

But he pulled his fingers out, making me whine a little in disappointment, then slapped my ass hard and released my wrists.

“Stand up and get that sexy ass up in the air for me,” he ordered, his voice strained with his own excitement and hunger, “I have to fuck to now.”

I groaned in grateful, delirious anticipation and got up, every move making the buzzing butt plug press new places inside of me. I bent over the bed as he moved behind me, imagining the sight that was greeting his eyes – my behind tipped up to him, wiggling, waiting, the plug filling my ass, humming, my pussy glistening and open for him.

I couldn’t keep still – the vibrations were making me crazy.

“God, you‘re so hot, baby,” he breathed, and I felt him grip my hip, using his other hand to guide his rock-hard erection between my open thighs. I felt the head of his cock rubbing along the slick valley of my sex, finding my throbbing opening, and with a deliberate, powerful thrust he buried himself completely inside of me. We both groaned as his thick cock sank deep into me, filling me completely, engulfing him totally.

He moaned again as he felt the vibrations of the plug through my flesh and pulled almost all the way out, watching his cock emerge from between my glistening lips, below the firmly-lodged toy. He shoved himself back in, hard, and I buried my face in the bed, crying out at the powerful, animal pleasure of it…the feeling of having both of my holes filled, vibrated, fucked…making me gasp and pant in abject lust.

“Oh god, baby,” I gasped, “Oh god yeah, fuck me…”

He needed no further encouragement to abandon himself to his most primal urges, his hips pounding my ass as he drove himself rapidly in and out of my vibrating pussy. I threw myself back at him, matching his enthusiasm, and each delving thrust pounded that deep place inside of me, driving a strident cry from my open mouth. His pelvis pressed the plug deeper into my ass with each stroke, making the vibrations explode through me.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” he marveled, speeding his thrusts even more.

“Yes,” I gasped between urgent moans, “I love how you fuck me…” I felt another orgasm rapidly approaching, the combination of wonderful sensations overcoming me. “You’re going to make me come,” I whispered, barely able to speak as my muscles tensed, cocked to release.

He groaned, gripping my hips tighter, fucking me harder and faster.

“Me too, baby, I’m coming too…”

I reached back to grasp his pumping flank, feeling the goosebumps break out all over his skin. My whole body convulsed with ecstasy, my ass clamping down on the buzzing toy, my pussy contracting around his pumping cock as it began to pulse and spurt deep inside of me.

He let out a trembling groan, and my cries rose in pitch with each spasm, until I was practically squealing with rapture. He hammered into me a few more times, shuddering, then slid his hands up my sides and leaned down over me.

I arched my back, pushing myself up to meet him, his hands coming around to feel my breasts and tease my hard nipples. I moaned again, still trembling, the vibrator still buzzing inside me, his cock still hard in my twitching pussy.

I panted, turned on even more by our simultaneous climax, the feeling of our mingled juices filling me. He pulled back and switched off the vibrator, gently drawing it from my ass as he continued to slowly pump his cock into me. I moaned weakly as he set it aside and spread my cheeks with his hands.

Then, as if he’d read the furtive desire in my mind, he slid his slippery cock from my dripping pussy and pushed it up along my crack to my asshole. I let out a wet, moaning sigh as he pushed forward, slowly, agonizingly filling my ass like no toy ever could.

At the sensation of his slick cock pushing into my ass, I felt another sudden orgasm burst over me, deep and hard and pulsing, wringing every last ounce of pleasure from my trembling body, squeezing his cock as it slithered deep into my ass.

I collapsed forward on the bed as he carefully withdrew. He slid up next to me on the bed, caressing my limp body, kissing my back, my neck, my cheek, my mouth. Our tongues played in a passionate, languid dance as my hands came up to cradle his head.

“I love you,” he whispered, looking deep into my eyes. I kissed him again, deeply.

“I love you,” I answered, twining my legs around his and holding him close. “No one’s every pleased me as much as you do,” I told him. He grinned and pressed me to him in an embrace that was both fierce and tender at the same time.

“It’s my pleasure,” he assured me and I lay my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat slowly ease into blissful afterglow.


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  • 1. pixiepie  |  October 13, 2007 at 8:25 pm

    your first butt plug experience?
    try beads next…
    very nicely done.. :)

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