Sacred & Profane

October 12, 2007 at 4:46 pm 2 comments

The immediacy of our lovemaking draws all my focus, my mind consumed in the sensations of our bodies; the feelings, sights, sounds, smells, flavors – the experience of these intimate moments, when the rest of the world does not exist.

I am pure attention and reaction, observation and action, fully engaged in feeling what you’re doing to me and feeling you feeling what I’m doing to you.

I crave the sounds of your response – the changes in tempo and depth of your breathing, the low, whispery “Oooooh…” sound you make, more of a reverent exhalation than a moan, your grunts and groans and sighs and cries, your impassioned words and encouragements, your gasps and moans and growls.

Your silent signals – the tightening of your grip on my flesh, the twitching and throbbing of your cock, the hardening of your nipples, the goosebumps that pebble your skin with shivery texture.

The scent of me on your lips, the scent of you on mine, mingling, flavors melding, pheromones triggering chemical reactions that arouse our bodies and fuel our hunger for each other.

We are animals in our carnal frenzy, but sophisticated ones who know how to turn this instinctive act of primal rutting into an intricate art form, a dance, a poem written in flesh and fluid and senses and motion.

You pointed out my typo in the intro post, where I’d typed “beast friend” instead of “best friend”. A particularly apropos Freudian slip!

I love how your dominant commands both tame me and drive me wild. I love the dichotomy of how submitting to your control frees me.

This is wild magic, ancient power, the eternal dance of yin & yang, this thrusting and receiving, this giving and taking, this beautiful and savage balance of forces surging into one another perfectly, never diminished, forever replenished by each other.

This is Zen, Nirvana, Mushin. No mind. Just awareness, consciousness, connection. This is prayer, creation, worship.

You are my god and I am your goddess and we speak the sacred words to each other that fan the holy flames of our spiritual and physical union:

fuck me


don’t stop

oh yes

I’m coming





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