Backdoor Love

October 22, 2007 at 6:17 pm 6 comments

J and I had anal sex pretty early on in our relationship. It was something I’d only done a few times with two other lovers, and I hadn’t done it in several years. In the past, I’d found it to be something to be brought up after I’d been with a lover for awhile – it was advanced, taboo, extraordinarily intimate, and I’d always been somewhat reluctant to admit my interest.

It’s pretty dirty, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people consider it gross or unhealthy, and I didn’t want my lovers to think less of me for being interested. Or I feared they’d be too interested once that boundary had been breached, and want it all the time when it was something I was only rarely in the mood for.

It had never been all that great for me before, either, which bummed me out (so to speak!), because it was something I thought about a lot, something that turned me on, that I found conceptually arousing, but always disappointing in practice. The few times I’d tried it, I’d found it somewhat painful and could only handle full penetration for a few minutes before the discomfort had me asking them to withdraw. I as always left disappointed, unsatisfied and vaguely ashamed.

But with J…it just sort of happened, spontaneously, wonderfully.

We’d gone out for sushi earlier, enjoying a divine meal, and I’d had a bit of sake and was feeling deliciously buzzed. We got home and immediately started fooling around, our ardor hot and slow and sensuous, like a long fuse burning, crackling.

I got on top of J, riding him, grinding on him, arching my back to slide up and down the full length of his rigid cock. I was very wet, as usual, and he kept slipping out on my upswing, his slick cock rubbing up along my crack as I rocked back down. I reinserted him in my pussy a few times as we giggled and growled in frustration. But the enticing sensation of him nudging at my backdoor got me thinking about how it would feel to have his fat cock in there.

I struggled briefly with my usual sense of shameful reluctance…we hadn’t even talked about anal sex yet; we’d only been lovers a few weeks. But the sake dulled my inhibitions, and he made me feel so safe and loved and sexy. I knew he appreciated me as a person, as well as a lover. I knew that he loved my enthusiasm and willingness to get wild, hot, dirty. He hadn’t balked at anything thusfar. In fact, he had been delighted and excited by my adventurousness and open sexuality.

And I trusted him. I had no fear that he’d hurt me, or pressure me into anything I didn’t want.

The next time he slipped out, I decided to release my fears and reached back to press his penis against my ass, his cockhead nestling in the little depression. I pressed down gently, rocking slightly. I felt him tense and hesitate.

“You want me in there?” he asked.

Too shy to speak the words, I nodded, burying my face in his neck, murmuring: “MmmmHmmm…”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, concern in his voice. But there was excitement in there as well.

“I won’t let you,” I assured him. I let his cock slide back down along my pussy to gather more moisture, then pressed it back against my asshole.

“Let me get some lube,” he said, reaching for his bedside table and rummaging.

I found myself grinning shyly, still feeling somewhat awkward, but very excited. His suggestion to use lube increased my confidence – it suggested that he knew what he was doing and wanted to do it right. He handed me a little packet of lube and I tore it open and squeezed some out on my fingers, then reached back to anoint his cock and smear some of the sticky, slippery stuff on my anus. I set the lube aside and he reached down and rubbed his finger over the slippery bud, pressing in gently with a circular motion.

I sighed and lay down on his broad chest, nuzzling back into the crook of his neck as he slowly wormed his fingertip inside me. He worked it on and out, deeper each time, and I felt him opening that tight ring, passing through it, easing into my body.

It was so intense, so snug, the nerves there sending illicit thrills through me as the muscles stretched, relaxing, allowing his finger to slide more deeply into that gripping passage. I let out a muffled moan, rocking my pelvis back against his probing finger, wanting more. He rolled his hand around, gently massaging and loosening and lubricating, all the while slowly fucking in and out as he kissed me passionately.

The delightfully naughty, but gentle sensation began to make me impatient, and my hunger emboldened me to whisper: “I want to feel your cock in my ass.”. I felt a tiny flicker of embarrassment and fear at speaking that slutty phrase, but he only moaned in response, low and lusty, aroused by the dirty words, that expression of my forbidden desire. But he was still concerned and careful; making sure his cock was well coated with lube before nestling the head at my willing hole.

I slowly sank down, rocking up, then back down again, taking him further in with each slow roll of my pelvis as he held himself steady against the resistant pressure. An intense electric shock shuddered through me as I felt the flared head of his cock push through the tight ring, lodging him there. I felt sweat break out on my forehead as I concentrated intently on the consuming sensation of him entering me, locked in vise-gripped union, my body opening to him. I rested there for a few moments, feeling myself adjust to the size of his penis, embracing him, welcoming him.

Then I pushed down again, feeling his hard shaft slithering into me. I pulled back, then down again and he delved deeper. His cock is thickest in the middle, and the sensation of his fat, swollen cock slowly stretching my ass open made me groan in lust.

“You okay, baby?” he asked gently.

“Ooooh yeah,” I purred, “it’s so intense…”

“Does it hurt?”

“No!” I heard the pleased excitement in my own voice, marveling at the truth of my reply – it didn’t hurt! There was no discomfort, just the intense feeling of fullness, tightness, the unique tingling of nerves back there that feels like nothing else.

His careful technique and patient care had relaxed me and allowed me to take him without any pain at all.

I sank down further, feeling his full length sliding up into me, the crinkly hair of his scrotum tickling my cheeks. The thought of taking his entire hard, thick cock up my ass got me incredibly hot. I began to move more vigorously, his slippery shaft sliding in and out easily, with just enough tight friction to make me pant, my attention focused intently on the delicious sensation.

“Does it feel good?” I asked him.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby,” he moaned, “it’s so hot.”. I could tell he was holding back, restraining his urge to fuck me with abandon out of concern for my comfort and pleasure.

I sped up my movements, taking him deep in long, full strokes, moaning to let him know that I was fine, that I wanted it, that it felt so good.

“I want to get behind you,” he said after awhile, his voice rough with carnal need.

“Yes,” I whispered, lifting off of him and sticking my ass up in the air as he positioned himself on his knees behind me. He carefully reinserted himself; his beautiful, tapered cock surging into me again, opening me, filling me, making us both groan.

I buried my face in the pillow as he began to thrust into me, slowly at first, then picking up speed.

“Oh yes,” I hissed, holding myself still, my breath harsh and fast as his cock delved into me deeply, filling me, fucking my ass.

This is what I’d been craving but had never found before, this intense, intimate, hot, dirty, animal pleasure I’d only dreamed of.

I felt a climax building in me, fueled by the hot, slick hardness of him stroking inside me, the taboo thrill of taking his cock all the way up my tight ass.

“Oh J,” I cried, as a powerful spasm rolled through me, deep and warm, like no other orgasm I’d ever had. It exploded in the depths of my body, wringing my muscles with concentrated pleasure. “I’m coming, baby,” I gasped, crying out as I bucked back against him in jerky spasms.

He groaned as my contracting muscles squeezed him deep inside me, speeding his thrusts, grinding his hips against my ass, his tight scrotum bouncing against my pussy. I heard his breathing ramp up, his groans rising in pitch as he began to pulse inside me, his own climax shaking him as he released his seed deep in my ass with a shuddering grunt.

He held still for a moment, his cock throbbing deliciously in my ass, then stroked in and out a few more times, gently, sighing. He leaned down, pressing his sweaty chest to my damp back, his cock slipping from my ass.

He sat back and used a towel to wipe himself off, and I felt another twinge of embarrassment, but he wasn’t disgusted or put off by the practical necessities of the situation. He gently toweled me off as well, giving me a loving, sexy smile, then lay down beside me and held me tightly, tenderly kissing me, loving me, as our breathing and heartbeats slowed to languid afterglow.

“That was amazing,” I sighed, and he wholeheartedly agreed.

I couldn’t tell him yet how elated I was, how revelatory this hot, intimate act had been for me, how deeply he’d satisfied not only this long-denied fantasy, but also some part of my soul that had been longing to feel safe enough to ask for this without fear.

His gentleness and consideration, his complete acceptance and desire for me warmed me to my core.

I marveled at how something so dirty, so taboo, could feel so lovingly intimate and comforting. Somehow, sharing this with him was both a raunchy thrill and an expression of the closest kind of trust. In a weird way, it made me feel more loved and cherished and accepted than I’d ever felt before. He had turned this forbidden act, which had for so long been a source of unfulfilled longing and shame and disappointment into another thrilling confirmation of how warm and wonderful and exhilarating a truly loving union can be.




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Bilingual Sugasm #102

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  • 1. Beauty  |  October 25, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    It is the intimate and the depth and strength of the connection between two people. We have found that enemas are a sexy preparation for a night of anal pleasure and makes it even more enjoyable….trust me it is amazing/!!

  • 2. Speak Sexy  |  November 3, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Aaawww, I’m not a huge fan of anal sex personally, but this story makes me think twice! I might have to try it again. ;) Thanks.

  • 3. Catalina Ramirez  |  November 4, 2007 at 9:39 pm

    hmmmmmmm…. you’ve given me an idea for tonight.
    …actually, anal sex is one of those things that we’ve just incorporated like anything else we do in bed. i like it a lot. i always have the sensation of wanting it to last…. that feeling of connectedness (and the physical sensation), and yes, I agree that an enema can be helpful, though I don’t think always necessary.

  • 4. Loving Annie  |  November 5, 2007 at 3:37 am

    Done so gently, with lube and patience, it is incredibly exciting… Lucky you !

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