At Your Service

October 31, 2007 at 9:59 pm 6 comments

You call me on your way home from work, agitated about some frustrating bullshit at the office. You know it’ll pass, but you’ve spent much of the day putting out fires, placating difficult people, having to bend over backwards and carefully choose diplomatic words in order to avoid more drama. You’re done with having to be restrained and polite. You’re ready to get what YOU want, exactly how you want it, and you know that I’m ready and willing to give it to you.

“I want to see you in something sexy,” you tell me on the phone, “and wear those sexy shoes that put you at just the right height for me to shove my cock deep inside you from behind.”

Your graphic words send a thrill through me and I promise to do as you wish. We hang up and I choose a short negligee, lacy panties and thigh high stockings. I know you like that classic pin-up girl look. I put on the high-heeled shoes you requested, feeling my anticipation rev up as I fasten the slender straps around my ankles. I stand before the mirror and admire how they lengthen my legs and alter my gait, putting a sultry sway in my hips. I go to the bathroom and do my makeup, finishing just as you arrive at the door.

Your eyes smolder as you look me over, obviously pleased. You roughly pull me to you, kissing me deeply, grabbing my ass. You turn me around and inspect my behind, lifting the negligee and playing your hand over the curve of my rump, the tops of my stockings, my bare thighs, the fleshy cheeks of my ass exposed by the French cut panties that barely cover the crease between them. Your fingers slip under the lace and you tug at the fabric with a curt little motion.

“No panties,” you decree, pulling them down over my ass. Once they’re past my thighs they drop to the floor and I gracefully step out of them, kicking them aside with one high-heeled foot. “Better,” you say with satisfaction.

Standing beside me, you put your arm around me, supporting me as you bend me forward slightly. I love the feeling of your strong embrace, having you control me and guide me just where and how you want me.

You pull the negligee up around my waist, baring my naked ass. Your hand caresses me again and you lean down to my ear, whispering as you squeeze and stroke my smooth behind.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” you say softly, “thinking about kissing you, touching you, licking you, fucking you, hearing the sexy sounds you make as I make you come.”

You deliver a sharp slap to one cheek, then smoothly slip your fingers between my legs, nudging into the close press of my vulva, breathing deeply as you feel my wetness. Your finger slides easily into my wet warmth and I gasp in delight at the sudden intrusion.

“Such a good girl,” you croon as you pump your finger in my pussy, “…so wet and ready for me, so sexy and naughty. So ready for my fingers, my mouth, my cock. You’ll get it all tonight, baby. You’ll take it all and you’ll come so hard.”

“Yessss,” I hiss in lust as you bite down on my neck, sucking. I feel my nipples harden to tight, shriveled pebbles and my hips begin to writhe in excitement. You pull your finger out of my cunt to rub it over my clit and I gasp and jump at the intense sensation. You withdraw your hand and firmly turn me away from you, pressing your pelvis against my ass so I can feel your hard cock through your pants. You slide your hands up my body to grasp my breasts, your mouth still working at my neck.

I purr, pushing my ass back against you, loving your arousal, loving how you arouse me. Your fingers play with my nipples through the soft fabric of the negligee, making me gasp and moan, sending sparks straight to my pussy. You’re getting me so fucking hot, melting me into a wanton, wriggling mass of desire.

You bring one hand up to my face, stroking my cheek, running your fingertips over my lips as you continue to squeeze and roll one nipple. I flick my tongue out, lapping at your fingers, sucking one of them into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, tasting my own flavor.

You groan in my ear, your breath hot on my neck. “I want to feel you doing that to my cock,” you murmur, and I hum in accord, turning to sink down to my knees in front of you, my eyes turned up to yours in adoration. “God, you’re beautiful,” you sigh and I press my face into your crotch, feeling the rigid shape of your hard-on with my mouth, my nose, my cheeks, nuzzling and breathing hot air through the fabric. I feel you twitch and pulse in response.

I reach up and pull down your zipper and your cock practically springs out of the confines of your pants, incredibly big and hard and flushed. I love how you get so fucking hard for me.

Parting my bright red (kiss proof!) lips, I extend my tongue and drag it wetly along the underside of your cock, feeling the bumpy veins that run along it. You gasp and shiver at this initial contact, your hands reaching to caress my face as you watch me eagerly worshipping your manhood.

The musky scent and flavor of you makes my mouth water and I gather the moisture on my tongue to slather you with wetness. Then I tighten my lips and suck you into my mouth, pushing the firm ring of my lips down over the swollen head, the fat, throbbing shaft. You moan as I take your cock deep into the wet heat of my mouth, my tongue sinuously writhing along the taut flesh. My cheeks hollow as I pull back, the suction making your cock jump and pulse, swelling even more.

You’re just the perfect size – the thick girth of your hard shaft making me open my jaws wide, my lips stretched around you, filling my mouth with your delicious flesh, but you’re not so big that I can’t fully engulf you. I feel the head of your penis nudging against the back of my throat and take a breath through my nose, then open my throat to you, pushing my mouth down further, so my nose nuzzles into your public hair.

I concentrate to suppress my gag reflex, letting the muscles of my throat contract to squeeze you, but not convulse to eject you. You groan at the sensation, your fingers gently clutching at my hair.

I pull back, then push forward again, stroking you with my mouth. Your hands cradle my head, one hand twining into my hair, the other placed under my chin so you can feel how wide my jaw is stretched to take you, feel the movements of my tongue working against your cock as it slides in and out. I place my hands on your thighs so I can control how deep you go, and you begin to move your hips slowly, thrusting your slick cock between my lips, fucking my hot mouth.

I moan around the delectable mouthful as you sensuously pump into me. You moan as well, letting your head fall back and closing your eyes to let the exquisite sensations wash through you.

“God, baby, I love how you suck my cock,” you moan, and I love to hear the note of lustful awe in your voice. I tighten my lips more and you speed your thrusts slightly, surrendering yourself to my cocksucking skills for a couple of minutes before pulling away, your cock quivering and glistening with my saliva. I place a tender, loving kiss on the swollen head as you signal me to rise, then I stand before you, placing my hands on your broad chest as you bring my face to yours, your mouth crushing mine, your tongue eagerly thrusting and probing.

I shiver as I feel your cock, wet from my mouth, prodding between my thighs. You give my ass a firm squeeze, then a ringing slap and order me into the bedroom. I comply, strutting with a saucy rolling motion before you as you follow, pulling off your work shirt.

As I step up next to the bed, you suddenly crouch behind me, your big hands gripping the tops of my thighs, spreading my ass cheeks apart. You bury your face in the warm, pungent valley between my tensed legs, which are spread a few feet apart in their sexy heels. I moan and bend forward, bracing my arms on the bed, pressing back against you as your mouth opens over my swollen vulva, your tongue snaking along my tender cleft.

“Oh yeah,” I pant, trembling as you suck my pussy into your hot mouth, your tongue vibrating on my clit. You breathe a muffled moan into my pulsing cunt as you taste the animal flavor of my arousal. Your tongue draws back from my clit to plunge into my hole, the sinuous little muscle fat and rigid as you thrust it into my dripping pussy.

It feels so good, but it’s a tease…building a ravenous hunger in me to feel your big cock inside of me. I want you so badly, I’m panting for it.

Your tongue slithers back along my crack to flutter and probe against my anus, the delicious pressure making me moan even more. Then you move it back down to my cunt, using your strong hands to spread me wider for you. You lay your tongue over the engorged bud of my clit and begin to thump it rhythmically. I tense, trembling…that little trick always gets me off like lightening, and in just a few moments I’m coming, hard, crying out as I buck against your face, drowning you in a gush of juices as my climax wrings through me.

You pull away from me, catching your breath as you wipe some of my wetness from your cheeks and chin against my inner thighs. You stand and drop your pants, your hands gripping my hips firmly, and I feel your hard cock slip between my spread thighs. You tip your hips up and your cockhead nudges between the cheeks of my ass, sliding along my slick furrow, locking into my hungry opening.

You steady yourself and pull me tight against you in one rough motion, shoving the full length of you hard cock to the hilt in my ready pussy. We moan in unison as my slick cunt takes your thick shaft, embracing you tightly, filling me completely.

Your quick, deep thrusts force a series of pleading “Oh” sounds from my open mouth as you fuck me hard, my ass rippling as it slams against your pelvis. Your balls are slapping against my clit with each stroke and your cock pounds against my cervix, sending hot pulses of deep pleasure through me.

The frenzy of our coupling sends me into a delirium of lust, the primal pleasure making me utter impassioned affirmations and desperate pleas.

“Oh yeah, baby…oh god…oh fuck….”

You groan at my breathless words, my fervent encouragements, my voracious hunger for you.

“You like it when I fuck you hard, baby?” you ask, your voice labored, your breathing harsh as you continue to vigorously hammer into me.

“Oh god yes…I fucking love it!”

“You like my hard cock pounding deep inside you?”

“Oh fuck yeah, I love your cock, baby, I love how you fuck me so hard and good…”

“God, I love fucking you, you’re so fucking hot…I’m going to come so hard inside you…”

“Oh yes, oh god yes, please come in me, oh just fuck me hard, baby, don’t stop…”

My voice hitches in a gasp as I feel another climax rip through me. “Oh fuck, I’m coming!” I cry, the words blurred into a barely intelligible whine as my whole body convulses in a powerful wave of ecstasy. My cunt clamps down around your surging cock and I jerk, my legs shaking with the force of my orgasm.

You grip my hips more tightly, your fingers digging into my flesh almost painfully as you struggle to retain control, not breaking the stride of your deep, rapid thrusts.

“Yeah, baby, come on my cock,” you gasp, your breath coming in explosive bursts as you feel your own climax seizing your muscles, sending a buzz of pleasure through your entire body. You groan in release as your hips slam against my ass in a few more powerful strokes, your cock pulsing and swelling inside me, pumping me full of your hot come.

I reach back with one hand to feel the goosebumps on your thighs and ass, crooning as I feel you filling my twitching pussy with the slick liquid of your pleasure. You sag against me, exhausted and sated, and we ease ourselves down onto the bed. You stay in me as long as you can, your cock still hard, but you slip out as I twist to snuggle up beside you. You kiss me passionately, tenderly, lovingly.

I can feel the gooey warmth of your seed beginning to drip from my pussy and I slip my fingers down there, spreading our combined moisture over the engorged tissues of my cunt. The smell of it fills the air and I growl, rubbing myself with more energy, suddenly wanting to come again.

You know what I want, what I need, and you roll onto your side, pressed up against me. Taking my breasts in your hands, you squeeze them firmly. Pulling down the negligee, you take one hard nipple into your mouth, sucking and biting and licking at it as you pinch and pull and twist the other one. I groan at the intense pleasure – almost pain -of your rough handling, but it’s perfect, sending a delicious, wild buzz through me as I rub my come-slicked fingers vigorously against my clit.

I love touching myself after you come inside me, love feeling the evidence of your climax, the slippery lubrication of your hot semen oozing out of my body, covering my fingers.

I wrap my other arm around you and stroke your head as you stimulate my nipples in tandem, my hips moving against my working hand. I begin to moan, feeling an intense orgasm building, swelling, tingling as it makes its steady approach. Suddenly it breaks over me and I cry out, seized by the powerful spasms, quivering with the force of this final climax.

You release my breasts and cover your mouth with mine, kissing me deeply as my spasms fade into shivery little aftershocks of bliss. We lay limp and content, softly sighing in languid satisfaction.

“Thank you, baby,” I murmur and you grin at me.

“Oh no, thank you,” you say. “That’s the kind of customer service I can get behind.”

We giggle at the corny joke, reveling in relaxed contentment.


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  • 1. pussy  |  November 1, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    I got so horny reading this i started to squeeze myslef i am so wet!

  • 2. Loving Annie  |  November 5, 2007 at 3:28 am

    That was incredible !!! I’m adding you to my blogroll tonight ! Why didn’t I do that before ??? Amazing story… WOW. I could feel it, hear it, smell it…

  • 3. cyranoq  |  November 14, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    Lovely. I do like finding things to add to my blogroll …

  • 4. will69b  |  November 18, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    ~~Nothing like, “a smooth behind.”



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