Bad Girl

November 5, 2007 at 7:01 pm 16 comments

You’re a bad girl, aren’t you? I can tell by the look in your eye, the way you move. Or maybe it’s even more subtle – some pheremonal fragrance that you unconsciously exude that lets me know you’re hot-to-trot, that you love to be fucked.

You do, don’t you? Yes, I can tell by the way your breathing changed when I said that. You like hearing that, don’t you? Like thinking about it.

Oh, you were just shocked by my crude words? Your coy, downcast gaze doesn’t fool me…I can feel your pulse racing in your wrist – you’re excited, aren’t you?

Don’t try to pull away…I don’t want to hurt you. Never. You’re too precious and lovely and soft. I would never hurt any woman…I just find you so tempting…I just want to touch you, like you yearn to be touched.

Isn’t that right? Yes…see, even the gentle brush of my fingertips on your neck makes you shiver, your lips parting. It makes me want to kiss you.

Your lips taste so good. I love how shyly you respond, how soft your lips are against mine. And your neck is delicious – I can taste the subtle saltiness of your sweat, smell the fresh scent of your shampoo. Your skin is so smooth and delicate, so tender as my teeth gently nibble.

Oh, you like that. I can tell by the way your fingers flex restlessly, your silent gasp as I bite down harder. You’re still playing coy, but look…I can see how your nipples are getting hard, poking against the fabric of your bra, so erect that they’re visible through your blouse. You can’t hide your excitement from me.

My my, they are hard. And sensitive, too. Beautiful. Your breasts are so soft and round, heavy in my hands. You are all woman, baby – so fucking sexy. You want me to squeeze them, pinch your nipples between my fingers? Yes…close your eyes and let me please you, baby. Don’t fight it. It’s okay. I want to make you feel soooo good…

Your mouth is delicious – yes, open to me and let me feel your soft little tongue moving against mine. Mmmmm…so teasing and intimate. I love how you suck gently on my tongue as I probe deeply between your parted lips. That’s so hot, baby. You’re making my cock so hard.

That pleases you, doesn’t it? Yes, I can tell by your quickened breath. You like knowing that you’re turning me on, knowing that my cock is swelling and growing for you, impatient for your touch.

Yes, don’t be shy, I want you to touch me, to feel how big and hard I am for you. Your fingers feel so good, the way you’re delicately exploring the rigid shape of my erection through my pants. God, baby, you’re driving me crazy.

I have to taste your breasts, feel those hard nipples against my tongue. Oh yeah, you were wanting that, weren’t you? Your hungry little moan tells me that you’re eager to feel my mouth sucking on your breasts, my teeth biting down on your hard nipples. I love how you arch your back, pressing against me. God, your breasts are amazing, it feels so good to just bury my face in your cleavage, licking and sucking the tender flesh as I pinch your nipples.

The rocking of your hips makes it obvious that you like it, too. You didn’t even know you were doing that, did you? Your body’s ready, wanting me to satisfy your passion. I bet your pussy’s already wet, isn’t it? Fuck, that makes my cock throb. Can you feel it?

Oh my, you are a bad girl. Just look at these sexy panties. Your pussy feels so soft and plump and warm against my fingers. And damp – fuck, baby, I can feel your juices through the lace. I knew you were getting hot. God, I can smell your arousal from here…so fucking sexy. I need to taste that sweet pussy.

Yeah, you want me to eat you all up, don’t you baby? Want to feel my mouth working against your hot cunt. I’m going to make you come with my tongue. Ooooohhh, yes…such a pretty pussy. So pink and tender and glistening with your juices. Fuck, you taste so good – your clit is so swollen and hard and excited.

I need to hold you down, don’t I, the way you’re writhing and bucking? I know you’re not really trying to get away…I can tell by the way your thighs are pressed tight around my head. And your hole is so tight…you like my tongue slipping up inside you like that?

Yes, moan for me, baby, don’t hold back. Your sounds turn me on so much. I love knowing that you’re enjoying the way I’m licking your hard little clit, sucking on it as you shove your hot pussy against my face.

I can tell you’re getting close…you’re so hot and ready…that tight pussy needs to be satisfied, doesn’t it? I need to feel your cunt around my fingers. Youre so fucking wet they just slide right on in, deep and firm…so fucking tight!

Oh yeah…come for me…oh god, I love feeling you clenching around my pumping fingers. Fuck, the sounds you’re making, the way you’re trembling and bucking, the way you’re lovely face twists in ecstacy; your mouth a slack “O” of pleasure, your eyes squeezed shut, your brow furrowed as if in pain.

But it’s not pain you’re feeling. You’re loving every second. God, you’re so hot! Making you come is too much, baby. I need to feel you touching me.

Yes, take out my cock…it’s so ready for you. Fuck! That feels soooo good…oh man, I’m so fucking turned on – the way your fingers are stroking me so softly…can you feel how I’m twitching and pulsing with excitement? Oh baby, you do know what you’re doing…your hand wrapped around my shaft is perfect – the way you’re rubbing your thumb over the swollen head, smearing my slippery pre-come around. That’s how hot you’ve made me.

Yes, stroke it like that. God! So good…oh yes. You’re so good at playing with my cock…I bet you want to suck it, don’t you? Your mouth is watering, hungry to take me between your lips. Oh, and that look in your eyes…yes, you are a bad girl, you love making me moan, don’t you?

Oh fuck, baby…yes…suck my cock. God, your mouth is so hot and wet, your lips so tight around me. You beautiful little cocksucker…Ah! Yeah, suck me harder, just like that…you like it when I call you that, don’t you? You are an excellent cocksucker…the best I’ve ever had.  You’re so fucking good…so fucking bad! I fucking love it, baby. You’re getting me so close…but I want to fuck you!

You want it too…god…the way you pull of my cock, leaving it wet with your saliva, eagerly laying back and opening your legs to me. Look at that gorgeous pussy…so ready and wet…the way your hips are bobbing, begging me to fuck you.

Yes, beg for me, baby…tell me what you want. You want my hard cock inside you? You want me to fill that tight pussy with my big dick? Yes, I love the need in your voice, I love hearing you speak those hot words. Fuck, you are so, so very naughty!

I want it too, baby, I want to give it to you, give you everything, I can’t wait any longer. Oh, you are so tight…your cunt is squeezing me…god it fells so good to slide up into your slick pussy…so…good…so deep! Oh yes, baby, I love being inside you, feeling your warm body engulfing my hard cock. I love how I fill you up, stretching you open.

Yeah, take it all, every fat inch. Your moans are driving me crazy, the way your hips are moving against mine, your pussy hungrily feeding on my dick. Yeah, lift up your knees, put your legs on my shoulders so I can fuck you deeper, harder.

Fuck, yes! I can feel my cock bottoming out in you…you really like that! Fuck yeah! Moan as loud as you want, baby, don’t hold back.

Harder? Fuck, you’re so hot…so fucking hot! Your tits feel so good in my hands…I love the way you gasp and bite your lips when I pinch your hard nipples as I fuck you, thrusting deep into your soft body over and over…

Yes, come for me…come on my cock! Oh, the way your cunt is contracting around my cock is too much…the way you’re thrashing beneath me, crying out with pleasure as you come so hard…oh god, baby, I can’t hold back…I’m coming too…YES! Ooooohhhh yesssss….oh FUCK yes…!

Can you feel me pulsing inside you, spurting my hot seed deep into you, filling you with my release…?

Oh baby, your pussy is twitching, spasming around my cock…you’re so hot, I’m still hard! Hell yes, I’ll keep fucking you! Your wish is my command.

Fuck that’s good, oh yeah, come again for me. .I can’t believe how hot you are. Oh, you insatiable little wanton. I love it, baby, I love your lust and passion and filthy fucking mouth. I love how you demand that I fuck you harder, ordering me not to stop because you’re coming…coming…coming…

So beautiful…so exciting to watch you climaxing, letting go and riding that trembling wave of ecstacy…

Mmmmm….you’re so soft and warm in my arms. I love feeling your body against mine, all damp with sweat and sticky with your juices and my come dripping out of you…

That was so amazing…you are SO FUN to Fuck! I knew the moment I saw you that you were a very, very good Bad Girl.



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  • 1. Loving Annie  |  November 6, 2007 at 12:18 am

    That is such a turn-on. It made me start to get wet… I want to read more…

  • 2. badbadgirlx  |  November 6, 2007 at 1:35 am

    mmm, goddamn….

  • 3. gramc  |  November 14, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    lovin it…

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  • 9. Tara Tainton  |  November 25, 2007 at 8:52 am

    I feel like you’re speaking directly to me… please, keep going!!


  • 10. Marky D. Sade  |  November 26, 2007 at 1:34 am

    Excellent little encounter. She certainly does seem like a bad girl to me. Nicely done.

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  • 12. elena  |  December 2, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    lovely, beautifully written
    check out mines if you’d like to.
    I’m on myspace, you can find me using


  • 13. tish  |  December 11, 2007 at 11:28 pm

    OH MY GOD, you write so well, some guys have no idea what a woman wants to hear, how to describe it. I am so and wet right now… i think that ws definately some bed time reading… thats my fantasy thought for the night.. thanks xxx

  • 14. silky saf  |  December 12, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    im dripping….

  • 15. Hot Safer Sex  |  December 27, 2007 at 2:26 pm

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