Bad Girl II

December 18, 2007 at 4:59 pm 14 comments

What do you want, baby?  You can have anything, take everything. I’m here to please you, fulfill your every desire. I just want to make you happy. I offer myself to you willingly, breathlessly, because it makes us both feel sooooo good. 

I love your hunger for me.  It melts me, makes me want to surrender to your lust.  It gets me so hot to please you.

Do you like the outfit I’ve put together for you?  It’s sort of a retro thing –  sexy high heels, the thigh-high stockings with the seams up the back and the flirty bows at the garters.  Sheer, lacy panties that stretch across my ass, hugging my curves, leaving the bottom of my cheeks exposed.  The demure black slip that molds my breast so enticingly…see, my nipples are already hard, wanting your touch.

Mmmmm, yes…look all you want, my darling, I’ll bend over for you so you can peek up my skirt, feel my ass and legs.  I love how delicately your strong fingers explore the textures of flesh and fabric.  I love the appreciative little sounds you make – almost worshipful – as you inspect your prize.

Because it’s all for you, baby.  Every inch of my flesh, inside and out, is yours to play with, to touch and kiss and lick and enjoy however you want.  Let your imagination run wild, knowing that there’s nothing I’d deny you.  I’m your Bad Girl, and I’ll do whatever you want.

Your hands on my body are electric, sliding over the silky material of my slip, your large palms cupping my full breasts, your fingers finding my nipples…ah!  It makes my pussy throb when you pinch them like that…I’m getting so wet for you, baby.

Oh yes, kiss me, kiss my neck, lick and bite my tender flesh…ooooohhhh, you’re getting me so hot!  I love how you growl against my skin, how your tongue thrusts so passionately into my open mouth, how you devour me.


Your hand slapping my ass sends a jolt though me, wakes up all of my senses, makes me gasp.

Yes, spank me, my love, bend me over the sofa arm and lift up my slip, admire my vulnerable rear in its flirty lace, turned up to your roaming eyes and hands.


It stings, but it’s delicious.  Yes!  Again, my love!  Slap my ass, squeeze it, caress it…my skin is growing hot under your palm, making me crave more…

Oh yes…harder, baby…yeah, make me squirm and cry out, push me to my limits and past them…stoke the fire inside me and get me high and wild and filled to bursting with desire.

You love to watch me writhing and gasping, don’t you?  Love watching my ass grow rosy under your firm, controlled strokes.  Love how I tense in anticipation, waiting for the next blow to fall…or perhaps it will only be a soothing caress…? 

God, my pussy is twitching with arousal, you’re making me so hungry for you to touch me there…

Yes!  Please pull off these panties, please touch my plump, swollen pussy, I ache for it so badly…

But no….you’re going to make me wait.  Bastard!  But I love it!  I love how you tease me and drive me crazy.  I love how you roughly turn me around and kiss me, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples.  My legs are wobbly, the only thing keeping me upright is your strong arm around me.

Yeah, pull the straps down and expose my breasts, feel them, take my nipples in your mouth, suck on them, bite them…oh god, baby, you’re driving me crazy.

I can feel your hard cock through your pants, pressing up against my naked crotch.  I want to touch it, to release your eager erection and feel it naked and throbbing in my hand.

You want it too, ordering me to get down on my knees, telling me you want to feel my mouth on your cock.  Of course, my love…I’ll happily comply!

I love how hard you are, how swollen and flushed and rigid your cock gets for me.  So beautiful, almost brutal in its tumescence.  So thrilling to touch you, stroke you, feel your hardness in my fist.

And you taste so good, smell so exciting.  Musky and masculine. Inhaling your animal scent makes my body so hungry for you.

I love worshipping your cock…kissing and licking and rubbing my face against its warm flesh, squeezing the hard core, making you slick with my saliva, taking you deep in my hot mouth.

I love how you gasp and moan and move your hips gently, how your fingers twine in my hair, grasping.  I love gazing up at you adoringly as your fat cock stretches my lips.  You’re so big and hard, it’s a challenge to take all of you, but I’m doing my best.

Do you like to feel my hand stroking your shaft like that as I suck you?  Your cockhead pressing at the back of my throat has me drooling for you, sloppy and slick, saliva running down my chin, but I don’t care.  I want to devour you, my love, suck you deep, feel you throb against my tongue.

I want to make you come with my mouth, to feel your semen spurting into my throat, taste the piquant flavor of your throbbing release…

But you have other ideas…you want to play with me some more, don’t you?  You want me up on my hands and knees, my ass up in the air.  Yes, sir!

I love it…it makes me feel so hot and naughty to display myself for you like this, my thighs spread so you can probe the valley between them with your exploring fingers.

Aaahh!! Mmmmm…oh yes, rub my clit, baby…it’s so swollen and sensitive from all this teasing and pleasing…god yes…

I can’t hold still, I have to press myself back against you as you smear my juices around and expertly finger me…god, I’m so fucking wet! 

Yeah baby, bring your cock close to my mouth again so I can suck it as you reach over to slip your finger into my hungry pussy.  Oh yeah, that’s so good, slide it in and out, fuck my mouth with your cock, fuck my pussy with your hand…I’m so wet and open I need another finger…yeah, harder, baby.  Mmmmm….

Oh, you want better access to my most tender parts, don’t you?  Can you feel the shiver of anticipation that goes through me as you pull me up, sit on the sofa and pull me across your lap?

Yes, baby…have your way with me, I love being vulnerable and exposed and at your mercy, I love to surrender to your imagination and desire.

Hsss! Yeah, spank my ass, make my plump behind jiggle, make me wriggle and start. I love how you strike, then caress me gently, soothing the hot skin after every ringing slap.  Ah!  Each swat sends electric jolts through me, enflaming me.

Fuck, I want you so bad! 

Yes, feel how my pussy is practically dripping…oh yeah, fuck me with your fingers as you spank my ass.  I can’t help but rock my hips and moan and gasp and writhe on your lap.  You’ve got me all wild, in a frenzy of lust. 

All I can think about is what you’re doing to me, how you’re so masterful manipulations have me panting with arousal and groaning with pleasure. I fucking love it.

Oooohhh….you’re toying at my backdoor now, knowing I enjoy that when I’m really crazy-hot, smearing my wetness around and pressing so gently. Yes, baby, do whatever you want to me.  I’m yours to play with.

You’re making me squirm and pant as you so tenderly dip your fingertip into that tight little orifice.  Oooohhh yeah, I can feel you opening me, slipping inside, gently loosening up my little asshole as you slowly pump your finger in and out, deeper each time.  God, it’s so intense!

Yeah, baby, that feels so good, your finger thrusting so slowly, so deeply into my ass.  Your gentle kisses on my buttocks as you probe my back door are delicious, how your tongue wriggles at the top of my crack, dripping your saliva down to smooth your way.

Oh god…yes…work another finger in there…oh fuck, you’re opening me, stretching me, driving your slick fingers into my ass.

Fuck, it’s so good baby, so fucking hot and dirty and horny.  You make me feel like such a bad girl, you make me want to do all kinds of nasty things, you make me love it.  You let me love it, love that I love it.

Ah…yes, pinch my nipples, squeeze my breasts as you fuck my ass with your fingers.  Oh you’re driving me fucking crazy, making me buck and moan and gasp, I’m practically frothing at the mouth with frenzied lust. I want more baby, god I want your cock inside me so bad.

Yeah, you know what I want, what we both want.  Give it to me, please…give it all to me, baby. I need it so bad!

Yes, lay me on the couch, spread my thighs open, kiss me and play with my nipples, suck on them, fuck yeah, you get me so hot…!  I’m practically melting with need, crazy with anticipation.

I can feel your hard cock prodding at me, rigid and insistent against my soft, slippery folds.  Yes, lock it into my opening, shove yourself into my hot cunt…oh god it’s so good!

I love how you shiver and close your eyes as you feel your cock sinking into my willing body, feeling my pussy embracing you, how you fill me up so perfectly.

I love how you thrust into me so powerfully, driving loud cries of pleasure from deep in my belly.  God, it’s soooo good, baby, you’re going to make me come…I’m so primed that it only takes a few strokes of your beautiful, thick cock to get me off, to make me tremble and buck and grab you close as my climax shakes me.

You make me come so hard, baby.  You rock my world, so expertly playing my body like a skilled and passionate musician.

And now for the finale, the crescendo you’ve been building up to.

I know what’s coming next as you pull out of my twitching pussy, I welcome it, urge you on with desperate encouragements as you shift and guide your wet cock to my other willing hole.

Oh yeah, just like that baby.  You know just how to do it, slow and steady, pressing so gently but insistently…

God yes, that’s so hot…feeling the fat head of your cock squeezing into my ass, opening me, stretching me, stuffing me, driving in and out so sensuously.  It’s so fucking intense.

Yeah…take me, baby, possess me, fill me.  I love feeling your cock sliding deep into my ass, the taboo, illicit thrill of this ultimately intimate invasion, this dirty, naughty, wicked act.

Does it feel good for you?  Do you like how tight and hot my ass feels gripping your cock as you thrust in so deeply?

Yeah, harder now, my love…I’m ready, you can let go now and have at it. Fuck my ass.  Yes, I love it!  Take me hard, grunt and groan and pant and bite and squeeze me…

Yes, come for me, come in my ass, fill me with your hot seed. God, I love to feel you climax, hear your breath bursting from you, hear you moan in release, feel you throb deep inside me, pulsing, spurting, thrusting, trembling…

Ooooohhh, baby, I’m coming too…oh god yes…!


Soooo good…you fuck me so good, baby, every time, every way.


Your breathless kisses bring us down and connect us as you hold me tight and ease yourself from my limp, blissfully satisfied body.  I love being in your arms, knowing I’ve pleased you, knowing how much you love to fuck your Bad Girl, knowing how much you love me.



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  • 1. fan_tasy_foot_ball  |  December 19, 2007 at 7:03 am

    if you fuck half as good as you write then i need to catch up with you

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  • 7. Akrazael  |  January 24, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    That was incredible! I love the detail you give, I love the love you give. I read this to my darling which initiated all kinds of wonderful things…thanks!

  • 8. gon  |  January 31, 2008 at 8:53 am

    i love ass

  • 9. Sugasm #111 | Heart Full Of Black  |  March 21, 2008 at 8:35 am

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  • 10. SexualAdventurer  |  April 29, 2008 at 4:00 am

    I’m really sad that you two stopped posting. This has been one of my favorite posts of all the naughty blogs I’ve ever read, and I want more! Come back!

  • 11. max  |  May 12, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    all of these thoughts/actions work for me, in a big way.

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  • 13. DeeSigno  |  April 13, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Design your own climbing frame and be happy!

  • 14. Eleazar Balboa  |  October 11, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Beautiful girls are out to cause trouble. Sex and action including car races are part of this classic porn movie. These girls are out to tease one and all in their path. Can jail hold these girls?


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